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  1. @PJ19 Lets all just hope that we are on the right side of this trend/move. Great analysis on your comment above and thanks for sharing it. I don't personally use the Elliot wave as one of the tools to make my trade decisions but it would be a classroom day for me if I am wrong and you are rightšŸ‘ On the daily chart timeframe Bitcoin has gone into a range(sideways) with highs of 12500 and lows of 10400(candlestick). Will it bounce between these prices and then make a move up or down? Which ever side it will go we will see. I see it breaking on the upside passing 12500 soon.
  2. @TrendFollower Thank you and I do agree all strategies will have some good and bad about it. Trend following is how I trade the financial markets and I really do enjoy it. Apologies if I may not have been eloquent with my words in my previous comments and overall I do agree with you. I also agree with you on the Bitcoin direction. The bitcoin fans on the institutional levels recon that Bitcoin will cruise pass 20k without an issue. I will be smiling more on that day.
  3. @nit2wynitI thought Id kindly share with you some good trading reminders posted here by @TrendFollower Hope you will bank more profits in your trading journey
  4. @TrendFollower Thank you for sharing the infor, I appreciate it. All the questions are relevant and it should motivate people to get their trading organized and thought through. Overall I do have a trading plan and it fits my personality
  5. @TrendFollower Many thanks for the infor but do you also trade Crypto on IG?
  6. @TrendFollower No worries. I understand your take however the strategy I use is both good on bull & bear markets on any trade in any sector I see that fits the principles of a good trade for me. This would in cooperate a calculated risk appetite on my part on a specific point where the indicators or price I see that signals my exit strategy. If I was on a long position and it goes against me I am happy to recalculate my risk and if the trade fits into my shorting strategy. If it ticks all the boxes I am happy to switch sides and be a bear on that same trade. I know what I am willing to loose but it would be a price/indicator signal that I know I should exit without doing the "hope" thing I am happy to switch from bear to bull on a same trade or vice versa. I am saying I could use all my understanding on trade analysis on why I should take a position/trade. When the market turns against me I would turn with it which is what I meant by "the market is always right "no matter what I analyze/think,assume. Many thanks for your sharing your thought process on this.
  7. @TrendFollowerI will read up and get my understanding up to speed on ETN's. Ive only got into ETF's for stocks and never really understood ETN's. Thanks for sharing your experience and knowledge on this part.
  8. @TrendFollower That saying "The market is always right " .What we think,analyze,assume etc really doesn't matter lol. I learnt that lesson very fast and it was painful. However I use some technical indicators and read credible analysis on who I see credible and proven individuals. That saying as well " Bulls make money,Bears make money,pigs slaughtered" . I refuse to be a pig on this trade lol I am also on the sharp lookout for my exit strategy to kick in before I close my positions. So far so good on this one.
  9. @TrendFollower Ive added to my short on Bitcoin Cash/Bitcoin as my Bitcoin long position edges upside
  10. @TrendFollower I am interested in XBT Provider One products. How do you invest in Bitcoin and Ether with them?
  11. On my live spreadbet account I have these 2 small positions. Position 1:Long BTC. Position 2: Short Bitcoin Cash/Bitcoin.
  12. This is a beautiful trend Ticker : BFAM Sector: Services Time frame : Monthly
  13. Pre Market like this? Follow this link : https://www.marketwatch.com/tools/screener/premarket