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  1. Many thanks for your thoughts & I have thought about doing that & other methods before ie VirtualBox virtual environments & Boot Camp but I prefer a native Mac & leaving more space on my machine. Whilst I have ProRealTime I don't currently see an urgent need to clog my machine up with another OS. 😀
  2. I have been with IG for a number of months & being a trader I am around many areas of finance & I often see other providers offering very tight spreads and zero commissions. I found this recent advert from IG which I think is very interesting to see just how trading costs are added & how good IG costs are compared to others. I think IG needs to highlight this fact more often as this is the first time I have seen IG compared to others & I am sure that many others are swayed away from IG when they are offered zero commissions & what appears to be tight spreads. Incidentally I use ProRealTime as I am unable to currently use MT4 or MT5 because they do not currently run on a Mac but I would suspect that similar reasonable costing would apply to all IG trading. https://www.ig.com/au/mt4-with-ig?CHID=2&QPID=20452&QPPID=1&CrID=104602735&PlID=218036274&dclid=CPau08SK7ucCFVGDcAodK7YISQ
  3. Finally And the spread is nice
  4. Hello and welcome, Can you give more details about where on the platform you are seeing this date? and is it within ProRealTime, MT4 or Web Platform?
  5. Hello, I have found Rayner Teo's Free PDF books on Trend Following excellent and they are Genuinely Free. https://www.tradingwithrayner.com
  6. Hello, I find the easiest way to see a Current spread for any IG market is to open the IG Markets Web platform, click search and type the market type, then open the deal Tab and the current spread is displayed automatically. 😀
  7. I use ProRealTime from IG, do you have access to that?
  8. In Australia we have CFD's which are a legal contract and have legal value as a contract and I presume that spread betting would also have a legal value between you and IG or the company behind the spread bet. Although a house is classed as an asset the concept of a legal claim to the increase or decrease in value of a house, CFD's or Spread Betting is the same. It really doesn't matter if you have taken a loan for the house, CFD or Spread Bet or used your own money you will still have a legal claim to the value increase or decrease. The outcome of this claimed value is always caused by supply and demand, which is always based on peoples opinion of the value of something and whatever your opinion was when you entered into the legal contract that connects you to the contract of value is what you will receive in the end. There is no difference between any asset, CFD or Spread Bet in the sense that you make a decision on what will happen to it when you sell it and you are legally bound to it.
  9. Yes I agree and when you buy a house or any other investment there is always some degree of risk involved in the outcome and the bank has usually made some assessment regarding its value so that they can give you a loan to make the purchase. You also hope it will go up in value over time but you have no guarantee. This is all based on the opinion of other people, based on the prices of other houses in that area etc, etc. Trading CFD's, share or others is no different in my opinion, they are also priced based on other peoples opinion of its current value. Its not a gamble but a calculated risk and some hope with any investment.
  10. Rayner Teo is mostly a price action trader & he gives away heaps of trading techniques for free. I know the markets have been difficult recently but his techniques are simple and very effective & may be of assistance to all.
  11. Trading is a skill that we all strive to achieve because we know that there are many benefits for us as individuals. I thought this page might help us all to gain strength and focus. https://www.babypips.com/trading/forex-self-discipline-20191204?utm_source=BabyPips.com+Daily+Newsletter&utm_campaign=c523638c48-Daily+Newsletter+-+December+5%2C+2019&utm_medium=email&utm_term=0_e6d6948c39-c523638c48-417587933&ct=t()
  12. We all appreciate good service and products but those things can’t be provided for free as there is always some cost. Everyone needs to pay the bills, including IG. I think that charging fees that are reasonable is fair. IG provides friendly & professional service and companies and people should be allowed to charge or we will loose out in the long run as they may not be here because they are broke.
  13. How Does Robinhood Make Money? https://www.investopedia.com/articles/active-trading/020515/how-robinhood-makes-money.asp
  14. Hello, CFD's are Contracts for difference. You don't own any asset when trading CFD's but you only trade for the difference in price of the asset you are trading. A benefit to CFD's over holding an asset is that you can set the system to automatically sell your CFD when a profit level is reached or when a loss is reached. When you hold an asset like shares the value of your asset will increase or decline but you will need to place an instruction to sell to close it off. Another benefit of CFD's is that you don't need a buyer or seller to close your trade as apposed to holding a share you will need a buyer to take your shares but if they are declining in value that makes them of little interest for a buyer of your shares. I would sum up the benefits of CFD's as follows. 1) You don't need a buyer or seller to close or sell your CFD trade. 2) You can sell your CFD anytime your like & set the system to automatically sell your CFD if you reach your profit or loss. This means you don't need to be at the screen 24/7, although it is advisable to monitor your trades. Please also read https://www.investopedia.com/terms/c/contractfordifferences.asp
  15. Hi, When you click save as are you naming the template?