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  1. sure, just an example, say all the stocks in the SP500 then...just want to know how I can add multiple tickers without dragging them one by one?
  2. hi there, is there a way i can add multiple tickers to a watchlist without adding then one by one? for example, say i want a watchlist with every single share on the platform, how would i do that?
  3. I'm using the sample API spreadsheet from the website but it doesn't allow me to log in sometime. The code gets stuck at Set authResult = restClient.authenticateAccount(userName, password, apiKey) Is there some stability issues in the connection at times or am I doing something silly?
  4. hi there, i'm new to the platform...i'm trying to put in a trailing stop on a usdzar position but it only shows "guaranteed" in the dropdown menu under stops...any reasons why a trailing stop is not available on usdzar?
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