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  1. Finally found a way! Press CTRL+U to add a symbol. Click on [C-Forex-SG] tree (if you are trading under IG Singapore) and click on the "show" button. Once show, all the item will be listed in the drop down order box. The default list after installed was for a different country (most likely UK) and that's why some of us cannot trade with that list. Now I wasted my money buying a PC... zzz.
  2. For this purpose, I thought it was the mac... so I went to buy a PC... and the same thing happen... So freaking disappointed with IG. The market is LIVE. I can see all numbers moving. There is just no orders in my drop down box. I rescan servers from the bottom right button... so many attempts, nothing. I download igsetup.exe from https://download.mql5.com/cdn/web/ig.group.limited/mt4/ig4setup.exe as advised from this official page: https://www.ig.com/sg/help-and-support/platforms/mt4/where-can-i-download-and-install-mt4 Please get a support to call me.
  3. Still the same, I must declare that I am using PlayOnMac, Wine (System), ig4setup.exe
  4. I'm having the same issue. Is there any data files I can load from IG?
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