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  1. The IG Academy App is very good for anyone new to trading and investing. Practice on the demo account and see where you go right and where you go wrong. For me, reviewing your trades is essential to success. think about why you entered and exited the market at that particular time. And what would have happened if you had let the trade run longer. I did that and found that I was entering the market too soon and didn't wait long enough for a chart indicator to fully form and confirm the trend.
  2. The daily and 4 hour chart looks very bullish to me. There is support and a triangle is forming with higher bottoms. Could test the resistence and make around 300 points or so from here.
  3. AIM can be a good market to trade but the biggest advice I can give is this. Make sure you spread the risk across different stocks and sectors. And always use guaranteed stops. AIM will generally move quicker than shares on other markets. A lot of share traders will try bottom fishing but I think this is really risky. From my experience AIM shares tend to move more on fundamentals and sentiment than on the charts.
  4. Bullish trend still showing but I think we could see a pull back in the short term towards 6100. I think we will see some big moves across the index getting closer to the EU referendum. A busy ahead with earnings releases could also make things choppy.
  5.  Good question. I think the 3 hardest choices to make when trading are Deciding what to trade When to enter the trade When to exit I suppose it depends what kind of a trader you are. Do you trade based on fundamentals or using technical analysis? I tend to trade using TA. A simple way to trade might be to buy on the lows and sell on the highs. More advanced techniques might be using some other indicators such as the RSI. Buy when it drops to 30 and sell when it crosses 70. But my best piece of advice ........ go with your gut instinct. If you are thinking that a trade is
  6.  Anything you wish to share? Or anything we can help with?
  7.  I think both of our trades are getting hammered. Did your stop get hit (or was it a suggested trade).
  8. Well I'll start things off. Not sure exactly how this would work but I'll publish a trade idea. Long Dow at 17000. Markets have been shocked by the drop in China bit I think the Dow will move back to about 17500.
  9. Thanks I'll give it a try when I'm next on the platform.
  10.  I think I put the kiss of death on it by saying that. Although I'm sure the trend will continue. Still a long way off the 7000 FTSE and 18000 DOW. I think oil and other commodities are just holding everything back. We need to see other central banks raise rates to balance against the US dollar and I think it is at this point we could see a change in commodity prices (hopefully).
  11. Indices have reacted well to the Fed announcement. I think the climb will continue into the New Year.
  12. Up she goes. Press conference will be interesting. Focus is now on how frequently they will raise.
  13. OK folks, what are your thoughts for this weeks Fed rate decision? Taking into account NFP figures, inflation and recent Asian data, I am going for a rise.
  14.   Have been thinking about this myself. I think it is a great idea. I for one have no problem posting some of my trades. I mainly trade equities but SB now and again too. If a thread for this is set up I'll happily take part. Happy trading all.
  15. Hi Tim I think it should be based on frequency because this would show popularity better than volume. Thanks
  16.  thanks for that. I currently get them through my bank but Im closing my trading account with them and was looking for an alternative. My bank email the text of the RNS rather than just alert. Do investigate do that too?
  17. I hadn't noticed that. I can't imagine it is no longer heavily traded so has dropped off the popular list.
  18. I think it would be a real improvement for share traders if RNS alerts could be available. Either by mobile push, email or some other alert. Are there any plans for this?
  19. I don't own any of these shares and don't intend buying any soon. For anyone interested in AIM shares, Blinkx the AIM listed online video and advertising company today announced that one of their significant shareholders Toscafund increased their holdings to 28.89%. They have been gradually increasing their holdings and are close to 30% at which point Takeover rules kick in and they will have to make an offer to all other shareholders. Shares have been dropping quite sharply over the last few trading sessions. Will be interesting to see how it pans out.
  20. I get your point about the term "priced in". Will be interesting to see exactly how markets respond to upcoming events. For example some argue that the dollar is pricing in the first few rate rises. Although I think there will still be big currency moves when it does happen. Rather than the dollar getting weaker, I think when other central banks move, their currency will gain stregnth against the USD and this is when things will start to balance again.
  21. I have been watching this for a while. Any thoughts? Still looks like it is on the way up. Looks like slightly higher highs and higher lows.
  22. Yes you are right, it soon came back down. I read that also. The Saudis are under pressure but really dont want to cut production and lose market share. It had been suggested that they un-peg. Currency futures are pricing this in. I think we will find out soon enough when OPEC meet early December.
  23. Oil Surges After Saudi Arabia Pulls A Draghi, Says Will Do "Whatever It Takes" For Stable Oil Market http://www.zerohedge.com/node/516900 The oil producers are rapidly learning from the central banks how to jawbone markets higher. With both Brent and WTI sliding as recently as ten minutes ago, suddenly a buying frenzy was unleashed following a Bloomberg headline which cited the Saudi Press Agency, according to which the world's largest crude exporter was ready to pull a Draghi and would do "whatever it takes" for a stable oil market, and that it would cooperate with OPEC and non-OPEC m
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