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  1. Hi, I am JeForceX from Singapore! 1. Let the Community know something about your trade history. Have you ever traded before? If so, what did you trade? What are you interested in and do you have any trade ideas for the future? I used to be an Equity Trader before transforming into a REIT Investor over a period of 5 years. Used to make my trading decisions solely based on Fundamental Analysis and paid a considerable amount of "Tuition Fee" to "Mr. Markets". I am presently trading Forex, Commodities, and Indices on the IG Web Trading Platform. 2. How do you make your trade decisions? Fundamental or technical analysis? After learning about Technical Analysis, I started to look at the markets from a different perspective. As of today, I make my trading decisions based on Technical Analysis while taking into consideration probabilities Fundamental factors which could affect my trading plan. 3. What do you want to get out of IG Community? Education, trade ideas, help? I seek to become a Consistently Profitable Trader through education and discussion with members of the IG Community.