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  1. Of course Davey. It is all I do. I opened a share dealing account from scratch so cannot do anything else unless I opt in for the other stuff. You need to do the opposite and find the option for share dealing I guess. BTW once you succeed the minimum trade seems to be £90 (it was £60 I think). You can get quotes for as few shares as you fancy which is great for calculating the the number of shares you can afford with your balance. I had £51.22p in my account - getting a quote for £51.22 cash came up with a number that cost a few quid less. I upped the number until I got to £51.21 and traded .... rejected because it was less than £90. Have fun , it is very good here - especially that "quote" option (FTSE only?) , rather than "limit bids" which helps me get me exactly the deal I want. It might vary on busy stocks , mine have very low daily volumes.
  2. We know 3 trades in a month are rewarded by a £3 commission rate in the following month. If a February trade settles in March - which of the two months applies please? I have 2 trades that were completed within March , and a buy on 26th February which settled 2nd March! Is that 2 or 3 trades in March. Recent history shows 2 , but last 90 days history shows 3 , for March, because the trade date shows on the former, and settlement date on the latter.
  3. Thanks Big Deal, I have done quite a bit of ASX trading since and twigged how it works. Occasionally I buy more than is shown and I get precisely the number shown on a partial fill, and the next lowest price appears on the ticket! I edit my ticket to that price and it does the same again if my order has not been filled. I usually have to edit the number being bought (which has to be the original TOTAL less all partials that you want) for lack of funds! First time I did that, I changed the number wanted to the number available at the new limit price, and of course (with hindsight) it closed the trade because it was now filled! Cost me another commission to buy the outstanding shares :O) Good fun, best wishes Ozzie
  4. Casey, I think you've nailed looking at you snapshot. 212,966 was one of the numbers I saw a day or two back. It must be the size of the last trade whenever that was? The indicative share price is presumably from those trades too .... which is why my offers are not accepted. The update to live data action is now in context too! It leads to this section (starting) .. Data Feeds Data feeds give you control over which shares and live prices you see. Activating one of the data feeds below incurs a small monthly fee. However, we will refund this fee in each month that you make the minimum number of trades on that exchange. This number is indicated in the column marked ‘Rebate level’. Sorted! Cheers, two birds with one stone there! Wondered what that meant.
  5. Thanks for trying Casey. Incidentally, Casey or Stoner was one of my first choices for my 'handle' but then I thought of Chris and Jack Holder, who have a history of riding with Poole Pirates (my local speedway team) and that was much easier to finish off. TOU are TLOU on AIM, the busier market place for them by an Aussie mile. A couple of times my best option (shares obtainable for the dividend) was to suffer the loss on FX in converting my dividend to GBP and buy on AIM for £8 rather than £20 on ASX.. That approach is still available to me here, even more so in fact , I can choose which market and IG do the currency conversion as part of the trade. Funny but swings and roundabouts now mean I'll be paying £8 on AIM, and £5+ on ASX unless I become a frequent trader (£5) which is becoming increasingly likely. Loving it here, am thinking of moving my ISA over but that broker charges to close an account (one of the few downsides there, but never thought I'd be tempted to leave them. They charge £5.95 per transaction full stop with no pressure to trade, I guess I'll stay there). Thanks again.
  6. TOU is very quiet on ASX most of the time so the 254,434 and 43,946 may not change within hours. I can only think it is the number traded at the price shown, judging by the busy shares. I tried to sell at 0.120 but there were no takers so I guess the sell price is 0.115 or lower and buy is actually 0.120 Quite confusing?
  7. I have joined IG to access ASX stocks since charges at my previous broker went through the roof. I started buying AUD shares with TDW years ago, but in recent years all I have done is reinvest the AUD$ dividends from my main stock into a much cheaper ASX share. Commission charges of £20 per transaction and new account charges of £18 pm (non-refundable trading credit) would wipe out a ridiculous proportion of my biannual dividends. They throw in one free trade worth £8 to claim it is only £10 pm - oh yeah? ASX trades are £20 each so no idea what concession I'd get? - did not wait to find out! 12 months x £18 (£216) plus 2 buys p.a. @ £20 (£40) less 2 unknown rebates is no joke! Compare that to IG , 2 x AUD 10 (around £11) and my move makes perfect sense. Add FX charges of 0.5% (GBP/AUD) here with 1.5% at Interactive Investors , and I'm happy. ================ Now to my question, On share dealing tickets I see the buy and sell prices , but alongside each is a number. I thought they were running totals of the numbers bought and sold that day until the number bought went down? On busy stocks all sorts of numbers flash up in random order - when the market is closed they can be 1 or blank (I think). Cannot find any reference to them in tutorials or these pages, please help.