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  1. Have looked at wave count, and looks like we're in a corrective move higher, it no longer looks like an abc move, but rather first leg up in a bigger a move ahead. will update chart later, as busy with other stuff right now.
  2. Agree with that. The market has a good way of turning round quick, especially btc, and in this scenario, there are going to be lots of shorts in play right now, so they could just turn this around and take those out. The next few hours should give us direction. If price gets above 10,735-50 then it's probably confirmed. Let's see how it plays out indeed. Have a great day, as it's a local holiday here, i'll probably head out into the country for some chill time.
  3. I'm trading this bounce, and i'll wait and see if the below plays out as more a bounce rather than a move higher. I'll be locking-in profits either way. btc 10 min chart, is this a bounce or start of a wave c in a triangle. This however to me is looking more like an a,b,c move, target as shown. If we get above that 10,750 line then perhaps the triangle is playing out. 10 min chart with fib extensions as well. It is very possible that we head lower into that 9,000 and below
  4. Have traded within this price range. Now looking like we're going lower, into that 9,900 to 9,700. Let's see if that holds. All as per above chart.
  5. Update re above charts. Market is finding support here, i have now closed out my short positions, and have started opening up on the long side. Confirmation of an advance up, would then allow for additional entry point on the initial pull-back.
  6. Update re above charts. Market is finding support here, i have now closed out my short positions, and have started opening up on the long side.
  7. Updated chart with key support levels. Personally, i'm looking for the 9,900 level to hold, and up from there. Breaking that 9,653 line, then next support zone is at the 8,600. If that zone (8,600) is breached, then next support at the 7,650.
  8. Updated chart, i'll know soon enough if this is indeed playing out as a contracting triangle
  9. Here is an alternative that's now looking very promising. I will update this as the days go by. But we might be seeing the low in at 9,984.51 level. (but remember to account for the spread on any position). I've been looking at the 4 hourly, and we might be in a Contracting Triangle phase of this Bull Market. I'm seeing the current move (C wave) getting to the 9,984.51 level, and then to see if price moves higher up into wave D zone, followed by a move lower to complete the end of the wave E, and if that happens then it would look like a sharp move higher from that level, at say 10,850 which would be approximately 61.8% retrace of the previous move. Chart to follow... i'm always keeping an open mind on where price may go. This is of course just my take on things.
  10. For sure, i always follow price movement, as we all know it can change when it's least expected, so always on guard, especially in this fast paced market. I never want to get caught on the wrong side of price. My saying is, it's not about being right or wrong,but keeping and protecting thy capital.
  11. Good to hear. Even in this trending market, which i see as a bear market rally. I will keep my long positions intact throughout this rally, those long positions are now set in stone, unless price tells me to change my mind otherwise. I will however add to those positions but only at key levels on this b move up. I'm overall bearish Gold long term, but expect a high over the next few months, possibly into next year. Then i'll be looking for the decline to commence to new lows. That's where the big rewards are made, on the way down. Which would be down into the zone of the previous wave 4 move on the way up. But that's over the coming years if you plot it on a monthly chart.
  12. My chart attached, showing what i consider to be the basics of the current move.
  13. For sure, once price is above, let's say, 1437, then that's what i would consider as a long green light.
  14. Big gains are made over bigger periods, of time.
  15. Hello, BTC topped at the $13,8k, it is now in a corrective phase, price could end up at the sub $8k level. I personally have buy orders with the last one set at $7,650. Down in 3 moves, a,b,c - a should finish around the 10600, the bounce of the b move into the 11,4k-11,5k zone, then c completing at least into the $9,5k zone, possibly lower as per above. BTC has been excellent to trade, it's all about managing risk, use stop losses and stick to your trading plan. Exciting times ahead for BTC, big targets ahead, as when we complete this wave 2 corrective move, then remember we enter wave 3, wave 3 is the largest of the Elliott Wave moves, into all time highs.
  16. Hello Folks, Looks like we are just about to complete the low of the wave e move, at or around the 1400/1397 level. That's where i have, well, what i consider to be my last buying opportunities before we head out of this zone, to higher, and sustained levels over the coming months. This has been an accumulation period for me (to the upside), i plan to hold this position into 2020. Anyone short, please beware, this next move higher should start very soon. All the very best, and as always just my personal opinion.
  17. FYI, if you change the pivot points to a monthly setting, those are real key levels, it has found resistance at the R3, tested the R2 a few times, and has just sliced through that (as i had mentioned earlier noted above), so sub 10k for support at R1, and i would think a bounce from there. Ultimate entry point at 'Pivot' around the 7,650.
  18. Same here, but it must always be considered, and thus prepared for any such move. I would say the opposite, the big money prefer lower prices, and given that btc can be heavily shorted, it's not outwith expectation for this to happen. I'd like to see the 9,500 area holding personally, but at worst case the 7,650 area, and at that area i'd have buy orders in place. A breach of that then we're heading much lower, let's hope not, as it would indeed re-test the recent lows. 11,321 now breached, so looks like down to the 9,755 zone, i've orders at the 9,500, as btc likes to run such levels
  19. Agree, 1360 is a good area as well, and again a good point to add in at those levels. We could see Gold top out around the 1650+ zone, possibly year end/into next year, given Golds positive early year moves.
  20. In general i've found that crypto trade way different to fx and the like. That said, elliott waves as well as fibs work with btc. On the first move the 78.6 as well as the 83.3 are normally hit, the odd time you have price back at the 90%. On this way down, and moving the retracement to new lows as it goes, then the 23.6 as well as the 38.2 offers points of interest to add to shorts. If price break below 11,321.37 level, then it looks like 9,755.37 is next, and the move could be quick.
  21. Last one was a bit blurred, lets see how this one loads and looks like