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  1. IG Normal Account got no such problems. Currently I have 4 users under the limited risk accounts having this problem. I emailed Technical Support but not sure whether they will get back to me.
  2. But that shouldn't prevent my EA from deleting orders. When my EA tried to delete the order, I get the error below: 2019.07.02 12:20:41.696 : deleting of pending order #27879850 buy limit 0.01 CADJPY.s at 81.000 sl: 80.800 tp: 85.000 failed [Invalid S/L or T/P] But when i try to delete manually, its ok.
  3. I have issue with OrderDelete only for Limited Liability Account Users. I kept getting an Error [Invalid S/L or T/P] when its already set. Have you Found the solution?
  4. I have an MT4 program that is working perfectly alight until a person with a Limited Liability Account started using it. I kept getting Invalid S/L or T/P when i send in an OrderDelete. The Stop Loss Price and Target Price are already set. When I do a manual delete its perfectly alright.
  5. You need to put the EAs in the Expert Folder of your MT4. Restart MT4 once you are done.