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  1. Thanks. On the whole I agree. My point being that if I know how the indicator is calculated I can possibly use it (or a modification of it) to produce test based on statistical inference. The difference between predicting the future and having statistical inference maybe subtle but important I think. Regardless though, if I don't know how it's calculated it's going in the garbage.
  2. thanks … actually on the settings window of the indicator it refers to fast and slow EMA periods, so I can see it's EMA now. I think it's unfortunate they don't publish the indicator calculations. We shouldn't have to guess.
  3. Is the MACD indicator on this platform calculated using EMAs or SMAs?? I know the standard method is EMAs but I don't want to assume anything. More generally is there a section on the website where I can actually find the math / formulae for the indicators, ie how they are actually constructed? I'm tired of being given generic info about what the indicator is and then simply left to believe it will perform as I expect. Slight modifications to the construction of an indicator can have huge implications for its behaviour. I'm sure traders on here can't possibly be so naïve. . . Please help.