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  1. ok, thanks for the response, I'm not referring to that email because I never received it. My question hasn't been answered, I was referring to the ability of a CFD holder to participate in the corporate action . I gather that since I didn't receive the email then the answer is probably no, it's not available to CFD holders but it would be good if the query can be escalated to someone in the company who understand the significance of the question so I can get a definitive answer. thanks
  2. As a holder of PDN.ASX (CFD holding only not direct shares) are we able to participate in a corporate action (on a notional basis)? That is, Paladin has recently initiated a share purchase plan for existing retail shareowners (insto placement already completed). This is a material capital raising for this company (and at a discount), otherwise as a CFD holder I will cop the dilutionary impact of this capital raising. thanks Mark
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