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  1. "Useful long term but not a trade indicator" This is Bitcoin's long term chart with and without log scale. You may be a short term trader but most investors and long term traders see value in these long term trends.
  2. Hi James, Any news on the log scale? I'm about to change brokers and I need to know if log will be implemented. If you look at any professional charting platform, log scale is standard.
  3. Hi @JamesIG, Are there really any plans to implement log scale into IG platform?
  4. I've been a trader since 10 years with Saxo but they have recently retired their platform and replaced it with a new one which is quite horrible to use from charting point of view. So I've started looking around and I found IG platform quite efficient with only ONE thing missing. Logarithmic scale. How can a modern platform like this one misses such an important feature? I've seen some members complaining since 2016 in the forum but nothing has been done. And it's not even hard to do. Without log scale, all commodity charts and long term charts are basically useless because prices go up and do
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