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  1. @TrendFollower It was lovely to wake up this morning and see that the trend direction changed. I spend years learning Trading Plans, Trading Strategies and Trading Systems, this is all great for historical analysis. You can always find a candle to shine some light on the past LOL. But not many people look at the overall picture, when I read the analysts reasons for Bitcoin going up, it makes me lough. No one took into account that Trump froze access to Banking for Iran. How else Iran would keep using their billions? Bitcoin! There is no Trading Plan which will pr
  2. @TrendFollower I'm always prepared to be wrong, but if everyone is positive I'm negative and vice versa, that's just me. I just look back Jan 2018 and then Oct 2018 as a reminder and remember having similar argument then. Now, for daily trader 'Trend Following' is probably the best option, and yes if I had time looking at the screen 24h a day, yes, yes and yes and I did it before. Unfortunately, I need to look further ahead now, so I'm trying to be prepared to be wrong for a while up to 400 to 500 points. This allows me to spend less time looking at the screen and still hav
  3. Well, short term you are right they are sitting on some small losses, but fewer people nowadays daily trades and worry about couple hundred points. The logic is, if the market hits top of its own game, shorting it is a very safe position. I'm not the right person to converse with about trends, signals and indicators, as for me any attempt to predict huge transactions of smart money is complete absurd. You only need couple of big trading desks cashing in on their share value at today's prices and the "historical high", is exactly that.
  4. It's just waiting game now, but clearly it went further then I predicted. The most important is to keep on it. I would feel more worried if I would go long on this.
  5. Hi All, Dow Jones (Walstreet) trading as I write here at 26,845, for how long in your opinion it's gonna stay that high. I'm just asking for bets, week, month, 3 months. Just can't wait for correction ;-), is anyone else?
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