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  1. Hello everyone! The next stock analysis is here and we are sharing it with you on the image lower. As the technology sector is performing well, we decided that maybe we should turn our attention to stocks in the area. One of them we find interesting is Micron Technology Inc. (MU). After the long uptrend in 2017 and 2018 the price made several corrections and now it seems to be starting to rise again. We can see there was a break of the resistance level around 44.50 so if the markets continue to be relatively calm and slightly up trending, we can expect continuation of the long movement. The main levels are marked on the chart, but if you have any other questions or you need more detailed explanation, feel free to contact us.
  2. I had a plan to short the US Crude from the level around 58.7. I did not manage to succeed to fulfill this plan, however, now the price retrace up in the past several days and I am wondering if this could be a good opportunity to catch the second wave on the short side. For now, my plan is to wait for a break on the 1h range and to enter short around 57.3 with a target at the bottom of the previous 1h range - around 56.4. If the crude oil inventory is bearish this will help a lot but of course, this is a very speculative idea. Do you agree with this idea or you think that the downtrend is over?
  3. I am not sure what could be the further development of this down wave now. But if the price closes below 1400.00 it is possible for the down trend to have continuation next week as well.
  4. I agree that the overall trend is long but there are several indicators that are suggesting that we can extract benefit from eventual upcoming short opportunities. I think we can all agree that patience till the data posting in 15 min is important but after that, I think the risk is worth it so I will probably pull the trigger and open a short position if the price action reacts accordingly.
  5. Recently the gold is on levels where it looks like the short side is the one to play. Even though it is a long instrument based on historical data the buying pressure in the last several weeks was so strong that the correction is something that everyone was expecting. In the current situations on the daily chart, we can observe the double top and increasing selling pressure. But all the data today like non-farm payrolls and unemployment rate are bringing a lot of tension on the markets which can interfere heavily with your short position. So what is your opinion should you play safe haven instruments on short or is it better to avoid such a position because they are carrying way more risk.
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