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  1. Next Elle owe us Champagne 😁 As she is the only winner and we all losers lol
  2. Stopped me out second time hope this time it will bounce up with power and don't look back lol🙄
  3. you can also screen in PRO real time too but if you are newbie like my self i will say stay away from them as they are very dangerous because can loose value very quickly😩
  4. Don't you think that's better as long as Trump tweets traders will get volatility LOL
  5. MYK1

    Silver Bullet

    Lets see once it reach to resistance what sort of wonders it will do
  6. MYK1

    Silver Bullet

    Mercury very nice annotation and reasoning behind
  7. Mercury much appreciated you hard but please keep it coming and love your reasoning behind decision👍
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