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  1. Next Elle owe us Champagne 😁 As she is the only winner and we all losers lol
  2. Stopped me out second time hope this time it will bounce up with power and don't look back lol🙄
  3. you can also screen in PRO real time too but if you are newbie like my self i will say stay away from them as they are very dangerous because can loose value very quickly😩
  4. This one seems very good opportunity but last time it was holding around this price for a around two years and brexit ahead will it affect it in some way also what sort of holding time you will be thinking of?
  5. Hi as you were saying to begin with commodities so I did gone through few need your input Please So first thing I came across was Rice as it suppose to go up as it is a very small sort of uptrend and its also supported by report which was published on 25 june that this year due to some environmental issue the growth is less than average and when I see the previous year data shows the price is around 1000 ticks more than this year July so hard decision and amazingly after 25 june when the report was released don't see any major price action. Second thing which I came across and find quite potential was Live Cattle but it might be against your trend following principle but Please have a look at it so its usually at its lowest price in July and it is indeed because its been on the lower ten from quite some time but the Good thing is if you buy now and sit over it for couple of months there is a huge potential but the price below this level was back in 2016 so ideally it should go lower than this price but you never know think i will say to keep monitoring it until one makes sure that now its going for uptrend and than buy it but again on one hand trends can change and on the other hand if you wait too much as you say "will be late to join the party " Please have a look and shed some light and also if you see any commodity you think is of potential please update Many Thanks
  6. Don't you think that's better as long as Trump tweets traders will get volatility LOL
  7. MYK1

    Silver Bullet

    Lets see once it reach to resistance what sort of wonders it will do
  8. MYK1

    Silver Bullet

    Mercury very nice annotation and reasoning behind
  9. What sort of time period you will be looking at ?
  10. Very nicely outlined really appreciate the time you spend on explaining but have a question. I heard about trading plan a lot but never configure what exactly it does mean. So let say if one tick all the boxes and have a plan have a bit of capital have a lot of motivation not only money wise but as things turn out on any given trading day also have time and know the basics of trading how one should create a successful strategy. Because most of the strategies are either not profitable or quite complex. Say for instance one is motivated happy to give it time as much it required also have a little bit of capital also get motivated by family too for the commitment and all the ingredients you mentioned except not a very crazy vast sort of experience in trading. How one get a profitable strategy like using of indicators which I find to be honest quite useless as indicators never predict future they just go with flow of trades and I think all of them have this commonality look at support or resistance macd volume Rsi Atr but how to derive or predict future from those tools. Because more often you will find either one or another will let you down .Now as novice I find it a bit fasinating that news events usually works as catalyst but again understanding the affect of certain news on certain asset is a separate science. Again the reason I am asking might these very basic questions which you might laugh at me but want to clear my concept.
  11. Yes for sure it is a growing economy with a lot of opportunities in it but my question was about recent price action of india 50 two fundamentals really affected it budget on last friday and the second one US increasing tax on india exports dumping down from 11900 to 11500 zone... well lets se wat it does....
  12. hi well india 50 is down rite now by 2 to 300 points from were it should be mainly bcoz of budget how u see it when it is going to correct itself and any technical analysis for this indice that u prefer....
  13. 😀 got few punches already in stomach and trying to make it hard by exercising might one day come with six packs to absorb punches lol
  14. 👍👍👍 Sorry don't wanna be mean as you holding long position