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  1. https://www.investingadvicewatchdog.com/market-timing.html recommends buy and hold along with most other websites I read
  2. tffx thank you for your feedback. No dividends will be paid out. Yes my original aim was a short term investment - probably 18 months to 3 years unless US elections or COVID force me out sooner. However, when I see the profit building daily with sharp sometimes large pullbacks it does become tempting to day/swing trade as all those rises should exceed the total gain from just investing. But my gut tells me that will be a lot of careful work and time for me which, unless my timing is very good, may not actually make more money than passive investing due to misjudging the pullbacks.
  3. Jst to add I purchased the shares in the above trade (not doing spread bet or cfd) Dmedin - hey that sounds like a clever approach thank you
  4. OK so I am in a a trade/investment which is currently quite profitable with a strong but quite volatile upward trend but I cannot decide whether to : a) take profits in smaller chunks along the way every day or so as the upward trend continues and allows i.e. cash in before the pullbacks and rebuy the the dips - this may be digffficult as I would have to be be able spot the interim tops before the pullbacks happen and Ithe bottoms of the pullbacks. am also having to pay the spread each time I move in and out of the market. This would take a lot of monitoring and time and I guess would turn me into a day/swing trader. OR b) just leave the trade alone and ride the rollercoaster for a few years until I think it has reached the end of its long trerm upward trend. This may mean I do not make as much profit as I do not benefit in the extra profit made by buying the pullback dips but is easier to do - just sit back and wait? c) a better option? I would appreciate anybodys advice or opinion as it always tempting do a) grab the chuncks of profit along the way but I fear this may take more skill and actually result in a lower profits. Your thoughts please thak you?
  5. 10.3 only appears to load a limited amount of data (approx 5 hours or so) on all time frames up to 5 minutes (e.g. tick 1 minute 3 minutes etc) This means that once the market has been open maybe 4 or 5 hours all inidcators which refer to the start of the day or previous days do not work or disappear. eg open of the day or close yesterday This does not happen with 10.2 and didnt with 10.1 and appears to be a major bug/limitation. You can select the oprion on charts to load more units so data and inidcators are plotted but they are wrong. Anybody else noticed this?
  6. The following 4 spreads are wrong on DFBs Auto Trader Grp PLC Hikma Pharmas PLC Hiscox Ltd John Wood Grp PLC They are all FTSE100 shares and so the IG spread should be 0.001 not 0.0025.Please fix asap.Thank you in advance.
  7. The spread on GVC PLC is wrongIt is still FTSE100 shares and so the IG spread should be 0.001 not 0.0025.Please fix asap.Thank you in advance.
  8. The IG Paddy Power Betfair PLC and Just Eat PLC spreads are wrongThey are both still FTSE100 shares and so the IG spread should be 0.001 not 0.0025.Please fix asap.Thank you in advance.
  9. PRT 10.1 is running OK today. Thanks as always for your help Will.
  10. Will thanks as always for your help. For technical reasons I wont bore you with at my end I can only use 10.1 at the moment and so I cannot test other versions. I understand that code changes etc will not happen re 10.1 but your have been a wizard at getting basic running problems resolved previously. If somebody at your end could just observe the open for any FTSE100 share DFB on 10.1 tomorrow morning and see if your team also experience a time lag at the open I would be most grateful. Thank you
  11. A new significant time lag has recently appeared on PRT 10.1 over the past week or so. When a DFB share opens on the LSE then PRT is not plotting the price until 14 seconds later. This is a huge time lag and I guess is due a server issue at IT Finance's end as I have watched this every day for years, nothing has changed at my end and the lag is usually only a second or so. Please resolve asap. Thanks in advance.
  12. Guys, I spot these quite often and it is usually after a FTSE100 re shuffle. To clarify I am referring to the IG spread only and not the market spread. It is easiest to see this when the market is closed as then there is no market spread and just the IG spread. IG spreads for FTSE100 shares DFB are 0.001 and James and the IG team are usually very quick to rectify these. Thanks James
  13. The IG spread on Rightmove PLC DFB is wrongIt recently became a FTSE100 share and so the IG spread should be 0.001 not 0.0025.Please fix asap.Thank you in advance.
  14. Tesco PLC company name is wrong on PRT DFB spread betting. It says Tes Co PLC which makes it hard to look up and is confusing. This was fixed yesterday on your main platform but is still broken on PRT. Please fix today thank you.
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