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  1. , that's a great question, everybody here wants to know the answer...
  2. buy low, sell high was mentioned by yesterday. perhaps, he had already wrote about this before - i can't remember when. but i myself sometimes use this so-called trading principle and think it can be applied to IG daily vanilla options trading (Indices,FX,Commodities)
  3. that's a good idea with your "buy low, sell high" i think it's worth trying this on vanilla daily options.
  4. buy low sell high Definitly, there's something in it. may be this will better work out on flat market?
  5. Of course, technical analysis does not imply the creation of exact signal to enter the market. Technical analysis, Dow Theory, price action,… etc are just auxiliary tools for market analysis. There were times, when I used only step by step multiple time frame analysis without any indicators - for example, by analyzing the higher time frames, I see that now it’s not a good time to enter the market, but to wait 2 or 3 hours, to check the behavior of price and only after to make a deal - is the best variant.
  6. i think the most suitable applying of technical analysis is in several steps: 1) considering fundamental analysis; 2) "walking around" on different timeframes from lower to higher and analysing on which timeframe the price will change; 3) using of Dow theory (higher highs, lower lows), price action; 4) matching previous 1,2,3 items with technical analysis indicators.
  7. , you as Guru of technical analysis:manwink:, what can you tell about so-called "jumping" of the price from the middle line of Bollinger Bands (also from other two lines of BB)? is this statement correct or perhaps there are some tips and tricks?
  8. hi ! I am also very interested in Bollinger Bands strategy. I think it's worth to pay attention on the middle line - when the price touches this line, the trend turn the opposite direction. Do you have any other "secrets" of using this indicator?
  9. Something tells me (not techincal analysis) that the uptrend of FTSE is not for long time. It's an interesting situation to observe.
  10. I think this situation must be observed during a time. Because this divergence must work out. Of course I am not the follower of technical analysis, but on my practice momentum divergence works out soon or later.
  11. That's correct concerning correlation of FTSE and GBP, but what about the momentum divirgence?
  12. hi , ! have a look at the FTSE daily chart - if to use the Momentum indicator, it's seen strong divergence and the price will go down for a several days. So the technical analyses works rather good.
  13. There is another upstanding method for analysing the market - it's the dollar basket chart - US Dollar Index. Though the most strong influence this 'basket" makes on EUR/USD as it has the biggest weight in the total proportion between major US pairs, but i think it's possible to apply the chart of dollar basket to other partials: GBP/USD, USD/JPY, USD/CHF, USD/CAD and so on. So - called another variant of technical analysis.
  14. , as far as i remember from read books about Warren Baffet, his nickname is ORACLE. I think this is the key to his success)))
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