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  1. The new IG Web platform has a really nice Dark theme - but when is this coming to the iPhone & Android? These are much softer on the eye in the dark.. !
  2. Good evening, I have an idea for the Charts on the new platform - this might be something that is already possible. Apologies if so. I personally use Limits & Stops quite often, so I like seeing them quite clearly on my chart as it nears a particular target or, stop. Often enough with short time frames (Ticks,or Seconds) the chart moves out of the 'window' after you've left the chart alone for 5-10 minutes. As a result, This often forces me to zoom out my chart range where I can once again see my "Limit Line". Another technique I use is switching from Tick to Hourly, then back to Tick - which would re-calculate the graph nicely. If there was an option to consistently refresh a chart to keep a specific limit in view. This saves me having to keep micro-managing small chart windows, as points draw either further away or closer to a point. Another term I could explain this would be Snap chart to present vs limit line. I understand that a Chart can have multiple positions & limits, which is why I'm expanding the suggestion to re-draw the chart to keep a specific limit line in view. I hope this doesn't sound too silly! Cheers, Oxtrader. P.S. If a Moderator does read this, if this could be moved to Suggestions forum under Using IG Platforms & Charts. It would be better placed there!
  3. Good morning! I love the new platform & this has probably has been raised by someone else already undoubtedly. However my search skills have failed me, so I thought I'd post this just in case. In the old platform, it was possible to sort by column within a Watch-list window. This seems no longer possible - on the ones that slideout from the sidebar I must add. Hovering the mouse over "By, Change & %Change" doesn't provide a cursor or an action once clicked. Sorting isn't a must, but it's certainly a nice UI feature which I thought would be in the new platform. Cheers, Oxtrader.