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  1. Thanks for the pointer. Looks like there has been no solution for over a year now. I just don't understand why IG cannot publish their app, but practically all the other brokers can.
  2. Can we get an option to side load this app? Alternatively get the license for countries like Malaysia. If the other brokers are able to get a license to publish their trading apps, why can't IG?
  3. Ever since I joined IG, I have been forced to use the web based platform when trading on the iPhone and iPad. The app is not available for download in Malaysia. I don't understand why the app is not available for Malaysians especially when all the other broker's apps are available in Malaysia. IG's web platform is buggy on the mobile web apps like Chrome and Safari. I hope IG can publish their iOS app for Malaysia ASAP.
  4. Thank you for the crosshair data on future dates. It is a very helpful feature that was missing on the IG platform and is in no ay trivial for me. However, I would like to request an enhancement to this feature. Would it be possible to select future bars by using the left and right cursor keys? That way it will be even quicker and precise than using the mouse.
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