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  1. Hi - I am looking for index volume data, DAX etc, which I could stream into my Excel free or cheap feed, any ideas ? Thanks Edward
  2. Another 150pts up comming up, and down 200
  3. 100 pnt spike - this will wake up half of the City
  4. So, you sell R1,2,3 and buy S1,2,3 with TP at the other end, and SL 1-2 or 2-3 and you keep positions overnight ...
  5. I take it you trade manually, not algorithmically
  6. Hi - what app do you use here ?
  7. Thank you guys, I e-mailed the HelpDesk, an hour after which the booking of Working Orders started to work as normal, and continues still now. I still do not know what causes the problem, however. If it happens again I will post here or on the labs page.
  8. The 300 points spread guy still has not spoken, and Actualy the DAX closing for the day now, maybe he is deeply hangovered
  9. Working Orders cannot be booked and noone from IG looks at this, is it serious ?
  10. Hi - I use API via Excel or regular web demo, Booking WOs on both systems do not work. It happens on Mondays every month or two - has anybody updated the demo system over weekend on your side ?
  11. Hi - I cannot bok any working orders on DAX in Demo I get silly msg "Order level too close to market level The order level you have requested is too close to the current market level. The minimum distance for this market is 300 points." cany you have a look ? and why this happening on Mondays morning ever so often ? Regards Ed
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