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  1. what ever you do don't use microsoft edge with this platform, charts won't load! google chrome best, Just pointing out to new traders.I Think under the circumstances with the problems you have i would video all your trading actions as evidence before this blows up your account. you may need it if the situation gets out of hand.
  2. Yes felt the same way about IG when first trading always distrusting, always at a loss more than gain and i do beleave there is scull gugary in the world of trading but it comes through the markets not IG there is no point for IG to do anything for you to fail they want you to be successfull and make money and keep you as a client long term, the hard lesson we all have to learn is a time to trade and a time to stand aside. so i had to asks myself the question is it all there doing or do I share some responsibility why I loose more than gain I had a reailty check up from the neck up and starte
  3. Hi if any one working with computors are using them for other actions as well as IG trading i would recommend that you use a computor for that alone, if you consider the info that comes throught IG is massive you have the power to trade the worlds countrys.I made this error as problems with the platform was due to the settings on the computor needed to be reset due to buildup of junk cookes upseting the platform such as not able to place stops or limits, if you work with google crome go to the site and select settings and re set or phone IG tec and ask for help. If you do use your laptop/ etc
  4. IG Platform are having problems for the last 24 hours confirmed. I still have positions that will not close but have been assured by IG that any loss will be rectifide by them, I do not know why it is taking so long. However the platform is working but the margins are still live on the positions that do not close giving me less money to trade. I can't work this platform under these conditions and stopped trading untill I see improvments.
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