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  1. Hi, I'm trying to convert currencies back to my base currency (GBP). Each time I type the amount I wish to convert and click the button I get an alert saying 'Sorry, the exchange rate you selected is no longer valid. Please try again.' Is this because it's 7.30pm?
  2. No, I only have Limit - Day. (Hopefully the screenshot worked this time.) Untitled.tiff
  3. Thanks Casseynotes for the swift reply. That all looks good but I don't have those menu options on the 'order type' box of the ticket. Is this a browser issue? I'm using a mac but have checked with both Safari and Google Chrome. The menu doesn't appear in either. Untitled.tiff
  4. Hi all, I have just made my first trade with my new ISA account. To my surprise it seems that I can't set a stop loss! I am reading on the forum here that it depends on the exchange that the stocks are traded on. I don't get this. I also have an ISA account with X-O which is a very basic trading platform, yet I've never had an issue setting a stop loss whatever the exchange. I thought IG was a market leading platform. How come something this basic has been overlooked?? Can someone tell me how I can see what exchange a stock is being traded on? I can't see how anyone can recommend this platform without something as basic as the protection of a stop loss.
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