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  1. Thanks. To be fair if you're not trading macro events generated by these tweets - perhaps you're missing out? As I stated before - it'd be hard to ignore the impact on markets of Trumps tweets, whether you trade the immediate volatility or the following market sentiment over any given time frame. They are definitely being given serious consideration by most market participants as is evident in the price action, and where there's decent price action, there's opportunity to be had.
  2. Its unreal that the President is so directly involved in manipulating the markets and FED (and China), all with the aim of bragging rights for his 2020 campaign.
  3. I do follow on Twitter anyway but there non are stop posts from news outlets on the feed - might as well have Trump in there too - help give some context to the market moves when he tweets.
  4. Why are Tweets from President Trump not featured in the Tweet feed of the Notifications Bar? It would be hard to argue that they aren't market relevant. Would like to see this added if possible? Many Thanks
  5. Ah fair enough - Thanks for clarifying
  6. This explains that it was printed but not why. Im aware of the Spot pricing in relation to contracts but wanted to ask what justification there was for this? Im not convinced there was one? Even though this is a proxy of the dollar index it is unreasonable to assume that jumps in volatility just appear at random when the underlying market doesn't demonstrate the same occurrence. This is why spread accounts wipe out clients and deservedly receive a bad reputation as a result. A stop below Pivot on the above markets pictured should have been more than adequate to ensure a position in this market - not seemingly the case on IG Spread accounts, and without any real reasoning. Shame
  7. Just had another spike on IG's Dollar Index. When compare to DXY futures on Trading View - Non seen. This is on a live Spread account and is unacceptable, Im sure it would have closed positions. Why has this occurred IG?