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  1. Hi Claire, I used to invest in companies like that when i first started, get rich quick and all that. Please dont waste your money (i bet they dont pay a divi) they will string you along with report and potential but slways promising in the future and never now. I started 20 uears ago and still have some of that type of stock at a loss or they have gone bust with say my 5000 shares and re-appeared giving me a few hundred shares which are virtually worhless! You get the odd one that makes you money but all in all there are much better places to put your money. Have s look at this lot that i wasted my rime with if you want a case study: Lonmin - £30 share to 30p then re started.no divis Leed petroleum 60p to 1p re started / worthless no divi Desire petroleum still in- god knows - been promising to make money for over 20 years now. Central china goldfields this reminds me of your stoclk. Keep you on the hook using YOUR money for no return! Stick to big divi payers like BP.. (4 divis a year) or de la rue (dlar) 2 solid divis a year then at least if you get no capital appreciation you have something in return. Hope that saves you having to gp through years in the small caps and AIM wilderness like i did
  2. Well bar the rhetoric regarding possible oil reductions I think the Ftse will be off around 1% at close of play as discussed on Monday. I said no reason for it to go up bar news drivers and that is exactly what happened mid week... news drivers with no real meaning. So good when you get it right, pity it's not every time but that would make it easy ha ha. Somebody commented that I said no reason to go up but they argued that there was no reason to go down this week. Well that's that one settled...
  3. I dont trade Asia so i can't comment however no reason for Europe to go up unless positive news spin is applied so off one percent by the end of the week... I prefer to trade a little of what i can concentrate on as oppose to trying to trade everything all the time.
  4. Gold is a tough one. I have got it wrong before on that one. There are just many variables driving the price. The dollar strength, interest rates and all sorts of 'background' issues which are not really instantly correlated to it but do still drive it. Should anybody be able to educate me further i would greatly apreciate it. I think gold is a long but buy the dips and stay focused or it moves on and shows no mercy.
  5. Thats my sentiment also. However the extension to 18600 has gone in my opinion so short 18340 and add @ 18400 if it makes it but hold those positions as you cannot make anything if you come out. No positions = no profit. Whats your view on Mondays business. I can see 18230 first thing then grinding upward from there. What do you think re Monday?
  6. Thanks for that. I myself will be short next week but mainly on the U.S market. I think the Ftse just doesnt give the volitility a day trader needs at the minute. What are your thoughts for Monday, short or long?
  7. Thank you again for your input, most appreciated. I Just don't see 19000 for Wall Street. My argument is basic which relates more to human behavior than anything. The market predominantly moves via the city placing trades which can move the market, the retail investor either is lucky enough to ride on it (and comes out too early) or gets stopped out. Retail investors even with bigger volume days can neither move or influence the market price. Not enough fire - power and certainly no rhetoric which can be read and fed to the masses. Your comment regarding sentiment is an excellent one, how do we 'feel' about the market. Greed and fear will always prevail and at the moment 'the upside prevails' is what we are being told so hence the prophecy comes true. Non farm payrolls 'within tolerance' is the current strap line as this keeps the 'feel' of a bull market. What if the headline was 'Non farm payrolls disappoint as traders take money off the table in view of Fed uncertainty'. and what more do traders and the city fear more than anything.......... uncertainty. I agree the media manipulate the situation to suit themselves and really when you think about it how many people have you come across personally who only report back what they think you want to hear and try to cover mistakes by simply never mentioning them and hoping through time that story will drift away and a new story will be the new center of attention. Sound familiar? I suppose the point I am trying to make is be strong enough to make your own mind up and think about who can benefit from whatever headline you come across. Most of the time it has nothing to do with fundamentals and is simply rhetoric no more and no less.
  8. Regarding trading stances I like to try and trade on technical analysis however I would greatly appreciate your view on the wall street DFB. I appreciate it is a slow day for obvious reasons with my limited knowledge I can only see a downside this week as what can possibly drive it other than 'fresh' news? I on the other hand 'suspect' a push to the upside this week as the market makers move in to take out stop losses and keep the money and volume moving. I am not a conspiracy theorist I just know the wheels have to keep turning. No market - no money.
  9. Yes i also like the idea of a Forum, gives one a sense of hope that there are more ships on the ocean than just your own..
  10. Thank you so much for your insight. As i see it the city traders who have to turn a regular profit are buying no longer on fundimentals just on the reality that if they don't produce they no longer have a job. The retail investor is always one step behind as an example what is the divi on the Ftse100 or wall street in say 2 weeks time? I can't find that information anywhere but it may have a big impact on my long or short position. By the time i find out its too late. I trade the Ftse100 dfb and Wall street dfb but also hold top 100 companies as 'normal' stock. Have done ok with oil and defensives . I suppose i am more of a trader than investor?
  11. Hi, interesting read... As a novice retail investor can you tell me if the raising of American interest rates will send Wall street up or down? The only thing i can come up with is it will go up whatever happens but this can not of course be the case?
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