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  1. I decided to cancel. Thatbrought me to a retry screen. I did retry. Eventually a black area on my phone screen opened to show a 'pretty boy' . He appeared to be talking to me, although I had no sound. I told him my problem, feeling "very stupid " as I was probably talking to myself. Then he disappeared as the rectable went black. I backed out, again. I got the re-try button again. I re-tried. This time I got a message to say "The identification for this Ident-ID has already been completed and cannot be re-started. OK. Huh! Time will tell. I hope to goodness it will not become this difficult and confusing to continue dealing under the new regime.. or I will seriously have to consider a different account provider. This is for my Spread-betting Account. As a comment re my Share dealing Account. I am finding it frustrating that you do not offer share trading on the NASDAQ OTC market. To have any intention or plans to do this in the near future ? Please ?
  2. I have followed the instructions until I have reached the stage ofit asking me to "Please look into the camera and state your firt names and surname in full. have done this and nothing is happening. I am looking at a selfie camera view of myself. I have been doing this for 10 minutes . My screen is heating up and my battery power is starting to wane. I pressed the back button and it asks me if I want to cancel Identification. I replied No It returns to the camera view of myself. I have done this 3 times. Nexttime I will say YES BECAUSE THIS IS A REALLY IRRITATING STUPID SYSTEM FAR TOO OVER_COMPLICATED FOR ITS OWN GOO>> OR FOR MY GOOD< AT LEAST>