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  1. I am getting a 'SITE NOT SECURE warning when trying to log in as per the attachment. Do you know about this and what do i need to do ? PLEASE ? John Watson
  2. I found out by trial -and-error, thesolution to the 'technical issue' ! (Which the technical help did not know ! ) You have to convert any balances into your base currency and then you can move amounts of your base currency to wherever you want. If you want to use your funds in their new home in a different currency you must then convert them again. That means if your base Currency is say UK£ and you have a balance of US$ in one account and you want to use it to buy a US$ denominated holding in another account, you have to Convert the Dollars in Account One into your base UK£. Then you can move UK£ from Account One to Account Two. Then in Account Two you must convert your UK£ back into US$ and then you have dollars to what it was you wanted to do in US$. In fairness, I thought I would lose a bit of a fee or spread on each conversion, but, unless I was just lucky with the way the currencies moved, while I was mucking about, IG did seem to do each conversion at the same UK: $ Rate. What it does mean is that if you change your mind about whatever you wanted to use your US$ to do, you must decided in which currency you wish to hold your balance while you wait
  3. You have had a 'technical issue' since last Friday that prevents inter-account transfer. When to plan to have it fixed. Live Chat cannot help ! Dealing phone Number does not answer . Has IG died ? !
  4. I decided to cancel. Thatbrought me to a retry screen. I did retry. Eventually a black area on my phone screen opened to show a 'pretty boy' . He appeared to be talking to me, although I had no sound. I told him my problem, feeling "very stupid " as I was probably talking to myself. Then he disappeared as the rectable went black. I backed out, again. I got the re-try button again. I re-tried. This time I got a message to say "The identification for this Ident-ID has already been completed and cannot be re-started. OK. Huh! Time will tell. I hope to goodness it will not become this difficult and confusing to continue dealing under the new regime.. or I will seriously have to consider a different account provider. This is for my Spread-betting Account. As a comment re my Share dealing Account. I am finding it frustrating that you do not offer share trading on the NASDAQ OTC market. To have any intention or plans to do this in the near future ? Please ?
  5. I have followed the instructions until I have reached the stage ofit asking me to "Please look into the camera and state your firt names and surname in full. have done this and nothing is happening. I am looking at a selfie camera view of myself. I have been doing this for 10 minutes . My screen is heating up and my battery power is starting to wane. I pressed the back button and it asks me if I want to cancel Identification. I replied No It returns to the camera view of myself. I have done this 3 times. Nexttime I will say YES BECAUSE THIS IS A REALLY IRRITATING STUPID SYSTEM FAR TOO OVER_COMPLICATED FOR ITS OWN GOO>> OR FOR MY GOOD< AT LEAST>
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