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  1. Hello @JamesIG, thanks for dropping by. Yes, the accounts are the same and are now correctly synced correctly across both platforms. I've been unable to replicate the issue, so I'm happy to walk away and pretend that I haven't caused all this fuss. Cheers.
  2. OK, I'll be damned. It looks like having open logins to both the website and the mobile app confuses the hell out of the syncing between the two. I logged out of the mobile app manually earlier whilst I was still logged into the website. I was automatically logged out of the website when I logged back into the mobile app just now and all my positions and history have correctly appeared in the mobile app. In summary: it looks like two concurrent sessions screws things up, but that only having one active session ensures that everything is synced correctly. Problem, apparently, solved. 😎 Absolutely no problem. I realise that this was a bit of a ramble as I worked it through by trial and error. And thanks for taking the time to get involved. Much appreciated. 👍
  3. Nope. Still stuffed. I logged into Chrome -- which seemed to log me out of the Firefox session automatically -- and I closed down the open position in the mobile app and deleted the pending order. These transactions appear in the 'History' screen in the mobile app, but they do not appear in the 'History' tab in 'My Workspace' on the desktop. The cash balances are correct across both platforms, but the transactions seem to be getting lost. It's all very odd. And it's something that I'll have to work out if I want to open a live account at the end of the week.
  4. Thanks Gavin. Yes, it's the same account... though I did just check to make doubly sure. Interestingly, the trading histories are also distinct; none of the trades that I placed yesterday via 'My Workspace' are listed in the 'History' screen in the mobile app. I *think* that the problem may be local to my browser configuration. I have Firefox pretty much locked down with uBlock Origin for tracking cookies and ads. I hadn't considered this before now as it's been there for years working quietly in the background, but it could be breaking the cross-platform functionality. I'm going to try a different, less protected browser to see if this helps.
  5. Interesting; thanks. I have placed an additional trade via 'My Workspace' and this trade does not appear in the 'Positions' screen in the mobile app. I'm going to assume that the two are mutually exclusive for now and until there is a better explanation. However, this would seem to be a bit odd as I would normally expect the experience to be seamless across both platforms. Has anyone been able to work their positions seamlessly across different platforms?
  6. Good point. Sorry, I should have made this clearer. The open position is missing form both the 'Positions' tab and the chart in 'My Workspace'. And the pending order is missing from the 'Working Orders' tab. I hope that this makes sense... and that I have not misunderstood how these things should work.
  7. Pretty much as per the title: why might open positions and orders on the mobile app not be visible on my desktop? I have one open position and one pending order that were created via the mobile app for Android, but they do not appear in the web-client on my laptop. Is this expected behaviour, or have I misunderstood how the demo accounts should work? Thanks in advance.