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  1. Thanks Casey, that is a tremendous help. I found this on the settings page you talked about: "Automatic rollovers are enabled by default on open positions on futures contracts." So I'm all set for the gains to keep rolling 😁 Thanks again!
  2. I've searched for information on this topic, but have been unable to find anything that helps (although, I'm sure the information is out there). In my spread betting account I am long S&P 500 futures. These futures are labelled US500 SEP-21, so I'm assuming these will expire this Friday 17/09/21, as per 'regular' S&P 500 futures contracts (SP, ES, MES, etc). What happens if I continue to hold my spread betting long positions through expiration? Will the positions be automatically closed? Or will they be automatically rolled over to the December futures contract?
  3. Do IG customer support team read and respond to this part of the forum? Will I get an answer to my query here? 🤔
  4. Hi all, Is there any way to opt out of receiving spread betting statements via email? (I've only just started trading with IG, I'm assuming these statements will be sent daily). I've not found a way to manage these emails in the the 'account settings' and the email states 'These are essential communications' so I'm fearing that receiving these statements via email is mandatory. Hope someone can help here. Thanks!
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