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  1. Am I the only person using these? If not, am I the only person finding a zoomed out time range of less than 30 minutes totally inadequate? I have been asking IG to fix this for over 2 years - since the new platform was launched. In all that time they have fobbed me off with promises that the known issue will be fixed when higher priority issues have been dealt with. They have finally told me, in the last week or so, that they cannot do so because of the impact across the whole range of instruments traded. I do sometimes wonder whether developers have ever tried trading with this platform. There are numerous other ways it could/should be improved which, again, I have been raising since the launch. To date, nothing! So I have given up trying to be heard. I suppose I have no alternative but to check out the market.
  2. Still can't zoom out far enough on tick charts - no improvement since new platform was launched, despite many requests to match old platform!
  3. I agree but for different reasons> My main one is the useless time range for tick charts. I also want to trade options occasionally.
  4. Didn't know that, so thanks - but I do the key stuff on my desktop. But good to know!
  5. I guess it's a matter of what you trade and how. I've been spread-betting using third party software for my overall trading strategy, primarily on FTSE 350 stocks. and using IG charts for fine-tuning my entries and exits for many years. The IG tick charts enable me to view recent price patterns and a few hours doesn't do it for me. I don't understand why IG would think a reduction in functionality like this is a good idea. If I am unique in this I take some comfort from it!
  6. Thank you for your useful suggestions . I have just written to IG seeking clarification of one or two other connected points. I may well use your little ruse to try PRT as I've often wondered how good it is (I also use Updata realtime). I've seen MT4 mentioned in the past but haven't investigated it so don't know anything about it. I'll look into it!
  7. I haven't tried prorealtime charts yet, primarily because I don't want to have to avoid the risk of a £30 fee!. How is the zoom function on them? With the old platform you can zoom out to two days or so depending on trading frequency. With the new one it's more like 2 hours or so.
  8. When will the tick charts be brought up to the functionality of those on the classic platform please? They have so limited a zoom as to be useless. I keep being encouraged to try/switch to the new one but I won't until the tick charts are put right. I have been told by email that it is not a priority but I would have thought that until the new platform matches or improves on the old one the job's not done!
  9. First of all I must confess that I'm still using the classic platform from choice. I found the new one so different in many ways that I knew I would have to adjust to it over a period of time before using it for my full-time trading. This is simply because trading carries its own complex set of routines and introducing too many variations in one go will cause me trouble! After spending weekend time familarising myself with it, I decided one Monday morning to start using it 'live'. This soon exposed to me the significance of the number of changes buried in the new platform and I had to revert to the classic platform before losing trading momentum. Many things I like, such as the general appearance of it - clean and modern. But I found there were a number of changes which prompted me to wonder whether anyone with serious trading experience had had any imput to the development. I'm sure they must have had but I felt some processes had become more complex whether as a result of trying to combine some functions or condense them to save space or just wanting to demonstrate innovation. I have, as I always do, given detailed comments to IG about what changes I would like or, in the case of tick charts, must be have if I am to use them as they are a very important part of my trading methodology. Also I do think there are better ways to organise the setting and updating of alerts - there are now too many steps and I'd like the platform to remember my usual alert type rather than having to reset them each time. I could go into more detail here but have already done so in my feedback to IG. My key message is to recommend to IG that, after consulting widely with clients, all such changes in future be tested in a live trading situation for at least a week by a small group of established traders to iron out both the glitches and the rough edges in terms of slickness. I really look forward to a more streamlined version in the near future so I can make the permanent switch to it.
  10. Hi James I would be happy to contribute what I can. My trading is currently focused on a subset of FTSE 350 stocks and FTSE 100 & Wall Street indices. I have been trading for around 18 years and do know what helps and hinders a full-time trader! I use third party charting software but rely very much on IG tick charts to fine-tune my entries and exits. Mike Ramsay
  11. It hasn't gone yet - I'm still using it. I tried the new platform when first encouraged by IG to do so some months ago. It didn't take long for me to realise that, far from continuing the incremental improvement policy of the past, this was a more fundamental rethink which was going to take a little time to integrate into my established trading routine. I asked IG how long it would be before the old (now renamed 'classic') platform was withdrawn. I was told that for the time being they would run in parallel and that I could continue with the old one which I did. In recent weeks I experienced a glitch (sound alerts stopped sounding). I was told it might be a Flash-related issue, something which wouldn't happen on the new platform which didn't use Flash. It emerged in subsequent correspondence that the Classic platform would be withdrawn in a few months. I took the hint and re-explored the new platform. Finding that some of my earlier issues had been dealt with I familiarised myself with the new functionality one evening and decided to bite the bullet and go live with it the next day. Two issues arose which meant I had to revert to the classic version to maintain continuity in that day's trading. I only referred these to IG on Friday and await their response. The first issue was that when I set a price level alert it did not appear in the alerts tab. It worked in that I heard the sound alert and could see the trigger message in 'notifications' but couldn't change an alert on the tab. I was told I should be able to change one before it was triggered but not afterwards when the only option was to delete it and reset it on the chart window. Surprisingly, alerts I set on the mobile app DO immediately appear on the alerts tab - just not those set up on the PC. The second issue related to charts. I predominantly used tick charts but found that on some stock charts there was no data before a few minutes prior to the previous close with the left half of the chart being greyed out. I also noted that sometimes the mid price on the y-axis was outside the buy/sell range on the ticket. Neither of these inspired confidence and it was with some relief that I abandoned the new platform for the classic. I'm the first to acknowledge that I dislike change to established systems which are essentially there to give background support to the tough job which is trading. I have often thought that whoever designs these systems ( and I include others apart from IG) has never been a trader but is following a brief specified by someone else. I can see some positives in the new platform. eg I'm told the new one is faster (who doesn't want that) and being Flash-free is more secure and reliable - tick. I can also see that much thought has been given to maximise the use of screen space (less cluttered window margins and headers) and like, for example, the addition of good-sized tickets attached to charts which can be hidden when not being used. I also like the news tab on individual instrument charts - one of the things I suggested in Think Tank days. On the subject of news, I think a trick has been missed (which I also suggested in the Think Tank), namely that the news window be detatchable so it could be left open separately from the platform, eg on another screen. So, given a free and binding vote I would stick with the classic with a policy of continuous, seam-free improvement because it can, of course be improved. However I am a realist and also accept my own limitations in being able to precisely define the perfect platform. Therefore I would implore IG not to withdraw the classic platform until 1) it is glitch-free and 2)they can commit to a process of continuous improvement of it to reflect client requirements. I would suggest the latter are identified by regularly canvassing the opinions of all users rather than relying on the think tank approach of enlisting a narrow of volunteers. This way will allow clients to vote before being forced to vote with their feet and move away! I really want to be able to continue to rate IG the best but am in doubt for the first time...
  12. Why is access to the platform now via MyIG? Can't see the point. Although it can be bypassed the result is that the platform and all chart windows now have Windows title bars which wastes a lot of screen space. Am I missing something or is IG?