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  1. Thanks fir your response Arvin. I look forward to the email. i don't think i have ever received an email from your corporate Action team in the past.....
  2. I have two ASX listed shares which are having corporate actions. One is a vote on a takeover and the other is a rights issue. I can see that IG require you to physically print out the voter form and send it in, reaching them seven days prior to the meeting date. In this day and age surely scanning a completed form and emailing it back is easier. IG do not want to make it easy for you. The more important question is regarding the rights issue. I have contacted the company directly about how to take up the rights issue without an Australian bank account (there requirements seem to be that it has to go via an Australian account). They tried to be helpful but advised that they could not see my name on the register. How do IG hold the shares - is it through a custodian and if so who is it? how can the company see the individuals owning its shares?
  3. The share I want to purchase has a ridiculous spread of £1.45 to £1.50. Therefore I looked into placing a limit order. The only choice was a 'Limit-day' order. This is described something along the lines of 'An order which executes once the market price reaches a specified level. If it isn't filled at the end of the day the order is cancelled'. I want to buy 3,000. Does this mean that the order will only be implemented if the full 3000 can be bought at my limit price? What I don't want happening is an order to be filled for one share only because only one share reached my limit price.
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