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  1. Hi James You used the phase "reside in the regulated area". Are you implying that only EU residents need be concerned about these regulations? Does this mean that IG will still be offering Binary Options and lower margins, etc on CFD's to NON-EU retail clients?
  2. Hi James Tried that approach already and it didn't work. I eventually got frustrated and decided to delete the app from my iPad and re-installed it. That worked. Now on the App store it only has the option to GET the universal version of the App (IG Trading: Spread betting...), not the one for the iPad. This is in the South African App store.
  3. Further to my previous message, if I search for the app it finds it but since the app is on the iPad the only option I have is "Update" (not "Get"). I'm not willing to erase the app from the iPad and find that I can't re-download it that iPad again.
  4. Hi James This link takes me to the app store. When i click the update link I get the "This item is no longer available" error. I have access to both the US and South African stores. This error is from the South African store. It doesn't find the app in the US store.
  5. Hi James As for searching the Apple app store, IG Trading for iPad can be found on the app store, it just can't be down loaded as it isn't available anymore.
  6. Hi Caseynotes Caseynotes wrote: Hi @LarryA This has occurred before, check this thread for possible solutions; https://community.ig.com/t5/Platform-and-App-Technical/IG-Apps-for-IPHONE-Notification-Center/m-p/5407#M131 The thread isn't relevant. The issue is that the app is not available on the iStore anymore. So if my iPad is stolen or breaks I can't replace the app on a new device!
  7. Received notification to update the IG Trading app for iPad two days ago but when I try to update it gives, "This item is no longer available" error. Any ideas?
  8. Digital 100's only on live accounts, not demo.
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