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  1. It would appear, after some searching on Autochartist, that the reason could be that IG Markets are not Autochartist Live Account holders: https://help.autochartist.com/en/articles/1518845-why-do-i-not-have-access-to-the-probability-section-in-the-expert-advisor Terrible! - Even my personal Autochartist account has that enabled! =] ...
  2. I have a possible problem using Autochartist with a retail account: as most people here will likely already know, the MT4 implementation of Autochartist is that of a broker - IG Markets - account, and there is no need to enter use your personal Autochartist account details. The problem I am having, though, is that one of the features does not appear to be available: there should be a drop-down menu displaying the probabilities of a index on the main Autochartist display box when the indicator is attached to a chart and this does not appear to be present. Does anyone else have this limitation in their MT4 client, or is this a limitation of IG Market's account, possibly? - John