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  1. thnks all i emailed ig , and i have it now thanks
  2. thanks but the free period expired and altho i have prt on live account i cant get it back on demo as says free period expired , i have emailed ig , thnks for reply
  3. hi is it possible to add pro realtime to my demo account please , thanks in advance
  4. hi , anyone know if /where you can practice trading on a historical date ie 9 th of january , as tho it was in real time i know in the usa on tradervate u can practice offline as tho it was in real time , this would let u know how various systems work in a virtual reality if you see my point... i have prorealtime but cant see an option to do that
  5. when viewing the instruction videos some of the elements such as trailing stop facility do not seem to be available on the ig/prort platform are there other versions etc ?
  6. Ed365

    soft commods

    just thinking about which softs will be most affected by covid , ie coffee production ,cotton etc obv short term demand down starbucks closed etc but once open could there be a short term shortage , bottle necks in supply chain etc ? if so which ones to buy i wonder any thoughts ?
  7. with sanctions on chinese oil tanker owners , freight market should rise , so could be worth looking at ,frontline ,dht ,euronav for exposure to oil tanker stocks ?