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  1. Thanks JamesIG, I see now,it is because of regulations so probably hard to avoid.
  2. Thanks but my point is that this trade is risk free as the call 9300 will always have a lower price than the call 9200. Since there is no risk there should be no requirement for extra cash.
  3. I am only using the demo account and just for fun I tried to place the following type of bet: I bought 100 options call eur/gbp 9200 (using the fictional money provided in the demo account) and tried to sell 100 options call eur/gbp 9300 (both for the same date). But I was not allowed to do so. As far as I can see my risk was covered by the eur/gbp 9200 call so I don't see why ig does not allow this trade. Have you faced this problem? And is there a way to deal with it? (apart from covering the option to sell by huge amounts of cash). Would any other online trading platform allow this if ig does not?