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  1. Update : IG now agrees there is a discrepancy and is going to investigate it.
  2. HI ,could some shed some light on two incidents ,within 2 seconds of each other , last Thursday I noticed on the ASX, I had two transactions that triggered nowhere near the stop GTC's I had set The First MAH I set 0.164 on the 21/05 but it sold today at 0.2575 +63% The Second is GSS I set 1.398 on 04/05 but it sold today at 2.04 +68% Got the flick from two of my better stocks, what if anything can I do about it.IG brushed me off saying it was "positive slippage" but it was nowhere near my set stop
  3. Hi any chance IG could list LSH on the ASX ,other platforms have it and enjoying the huge 90% growth today
  4. Using the phone app how can I sort items in my watchlists into alphabetical etc
  5. Click to the right of the login tab it will drop down to show old site,that dogs breakfast of a new site has cost me $$$
  6. I hate the whole new platform ,Im sticking with the old one simpler and make less mistakes, Get rid of that they get rid of me
  7. Hi ,Im curious if the end of financial Year statement be suffice for my tax agent to complete my return?
  8. I have found the answer ,but couldn't see how to delete post ,sorry for wasting your eyeballs
  9. {DEMO} Hi ,I keep getting this error , Market only tradeable in stockbroking This stock is only available for non leveraged trading, please call for more details when trying to trial a couple of Buys, I'm only new and cant seem to find any any info on what it means
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