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  1. Did you get any compensation? I am also in the same situation. I have saved the chat screenshots and till date no one has contacted me even though in the chat, the person mentioned we will be contacted to discuss about compensation. I am surprised this is not being picked up in the media yet. Surely there are a lot of people who lost money or reduced profits.
  2. I wonder if there can be any class action due to the inconvenience caused by the outage (financial loss or reduced profits), especially at the critical time. The online chat guy mentioned that apparently the IT team will review what was going on around that time before making any decisions to compensate anyone. There are so many variables on what could have happened to contain any losses or take profits. Lets see where we go from here. The outcome will tell how serious IG is about this issue.
  3. i still cant get in. When i click on open platform, it times out!!
  4. Not sure what are the legalities around it when you want to change your position or close the position and cant. If this results in loss, i am sure there can be a legal case against IG and the will have to honor it. Just make sure you screenshot it and also capture the reference numbers
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