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  1. How do I check this from my mobile phone ,I'm not trading from a pc ,also I traded 2 currency pairs with 0.05 and 0.01 and they worked so I doubt it's my connection,I'm only having trouble opening 0.10 positions with indicies specifically the spx500 and nas100
  2. Yes it says "off quotes", further info I am trading from my mobile phone on my mt4 account and I opened a 0.10 post on as well as 0.50 and it still gives me an off quote message
  3. Hi guys so I opened my mt4 live account with 270 pounds, I tries to open a 0.1 position for spx500 and nas100 but it wouldn't allow me to,when I emailed the help desk it said the minimum lost size is 0.2 I entered this and it still wouldn't allow me