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  1. Hi are there any excellent coders for Pro Real time in Perth???? I would appreciate your help Volcano
  2. Hi Schenk, i want to add Text to my indicator. Using "Text edit" in the function lost of pro builder. Can we start with a simple "BUY"or "EXIT SHORT" text and "SELL or EXIT LONG" on a 30/15 ema cross cheers volcano
  3. Price is greaten than.... i want to catch the price close above and below support / resistance lines!!!!
  4. Hi does anyone know anyone who writes PRT code who lives in Melbourne or Victoria Australia. I need some simple code written. cheers Volcano7
  5. Can someone help me here, my PRT alerts a triggering incorrectly, sometime days late have a look at this one, USD/CAD triggered this morning several days late.the line is where the alert is set but see the little red arrow that confirms the alert.
  6. Hi all, for the last 2 days my PRT live charts will not load up.... the 2 tabs on the top right hand side of the demo chart keep going on and off. Have tried to reload it 20 times but to no avail. Im using a vpn. any suggestions?
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