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  1. first of all ,let me clear,,m not a salesman.....strategy in the market is made by lots of experience from different mentors ,ur own efforts and dedicating most of ur time to it,,,,,,i offered to teach someone,who is eager to learn,not to lazy freebies....sorry if its harsh..
  2. i can teach you at lower cost...within 15 days ...ll teach you one of the top strategy we use for trading intraday...using volume and price action so that u can become independent trader once you understand "how to enter at the same time when big funds are entering and make profit with them".plz let me know if u are interested....
  3. these firm are there to make profit and provide trading facilities to new traders,if someone has consistent results,he would not work under any firm,instead he ll open up his own trading venture....thats what m doing right now
  4. I have a new account with IG, and I want to trade in stocks using DMA facility, Is there any minimum deposit I need to make into my account, so that i can use this facility? Or i just need sufficient balance so that my trade get filled?
  5. i have checked ur issue,,it is showing same rates at both places ,,u please recheck
  6. whats the best method to deposit and withdraw funds to IG as RBI does not permit margin trading outside india.............ur valuable suggestions are welcome......
  7. Hello Friend, I want to trade in stock market by observing the charts of underlying stocks on NYSE not CFD's, in that manner I analyze underlying stocks and trade their CFD's accordingly.. but on IG charts are only available for CFD's.. so can you help me by giving suggestion about "how to avail stock charts of underlying stocks(NYSE)?" I will be thankful if you assist me.
  8. but the prices shown will be of underlying stock by the liquidity provider.. am I right?
  9. it means underlyng(official) stock prices ll be shown there.
  10. in dma platform,charts and rates both ll be available directly from NYSE(&others) not cfds? did i got it right?
  11. ok thanks,what about real data feed(monthly fees added),do they show live exchange rates of underlyng stocks or live rates of their CDFs
  12. IG is currently having server problem,their online live chat is also not responding.....may be after london opens,it can,lets wait
  13. IG is currently having server problem,their online live chat is also not responding.....may be after london opens,it can,lets wait
  14. Does Pro real time provide chart of stocks CFD's or underlying stocks directly from the stock exchange? IG also asks us to take atleast four trades a month to avail pro real time chart for free of cost, so is there any minimum quantity or volume in those four trades also required? Your valuable suggestions are welcome.
  15. u can make a lot of money on consistent basis if u understand volume and gauging of pullback.......the pullback gauging with a final trap of big players is last step to enter for short term trading and wait for new new high or low to occur for quick trading...u can apply this in 30/5m chart....the only thing u need is a right mentor willing to teach you about how to gauge a pullback....
  16. just mail the support team,u ll get proper assistance or u can ask on live chat,,they ll help you properly
  17. if underlying stock is showing very few seller and they only offer 50 shares to sell,then how much quantity IG cfd ll offer me ?
  18. hello,m new to IG,just want to know about bid & offer quantity in IG cfds for low volume stocks..Is it exactly same quantity as of underlying stock or u can trade any quantity depending on ur account balance........for example i want to buy 1000 shares of a cfd in IG,but actual no. of seller in underlyng stock is only 50...ll my order get filled if i have sufficient fund or something else?