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  1. If the GBP is tanking and FTSE rising then somebody is loving British exports.......But I would say inflation is a big issue Britain imports so much we cant have a weak pound for too long now
  2. @ha05230 one asset approach is the correct approach that was a really wise move. Once your trading one asset you can start to see patterns of how everything else effects that assets e.g oil,Trump, value of the USD. Your building the correct foundations. @dmedin may I ask what you think you need to be successful ? As everyone has been providing you tips for awhile now but you are off-hand discounting every one of them...Trading can be learnt, you just need patience, I was lucky enough to of worked at a bank but all the traders there taught themselves using free resources and a good foundation- you have to start small and scale. Please don't start trading thinking you can replace your day job....that takes screen time and experience
  3. @dmedin I would have to kindly disagree with you there as they are many traders at banks and hedge funds who have to make a consistent income stream out of trading FX in order to get their bonus. Now obviously these guys have access to a lot more data(I was part of the team that digested copious amounts of it into bite-sizable summaries) But retail traders can be successful. I would be really interested in finding out your trading process and approach as well as your goals behind trading ? The reason I ask is because above you mention "making income consistently" however I saw on another forum post that you were chasing a REVERSAL/BREAKOUT. So I think they might be a dislocation between your strategy and goals............... @dmedin The Warren Buffet Buy & Hold is definitely a proven winner. However I would consider that an investment rather then a trading.
  4. Hi, First of all @dmedin thanks for sharing your story as a trader it is always hard to admit losses! I don't think spread betting is a fraud it is an instrument for short term investing and should be used as such.One thing I would recommend to anybody trading is to think critically.For example, if banks are manipulating the market you don't think your broker ids doing the same ? I remember watching Bloomberg for hours and hours- You can't just follow "IG" or "Signals" from "instagram" blindly. It is important to understand "the science of what makes the market move on a daily basis". Once you understand that you can trade sentiment- eventually you will create your own trading style and system. In my opinion stocks are a big no when it comes to spread-betting because of the wide spread and low volume compared to forex. Like a boxer picks his punches so must traders when they use spread betting(get in and get out), would love to tell you the instruments and hours we used to create algorithms to trade..... @dmedin trading is not easy and research pays off so best of luck hope you turn these losses around because all the great ones lost at the beginning but after careful and truthful analysis of where they went wrong If you have not heard of Ray Dalio, I would read his book and thoughts like crazy! Hope those losses turn around.