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  1. Volume is the amount of trades. If there's 100 buys and 100 sells you have a volume of 200 but no price change (simplistic I know). My point is that volume and price aren't really related, it's more of a marker of activity.
  3. I spoke to the PRT team just now. They've told me that IG has very nearly done all the implementation - he said that it could be ready this year. Liking the idea of using a StreamDeck!
  4. Ha, it was a long scalp on the S&P, so wasn't going to make me rich anytime soon!!
  5. IG have just agreed to refund my loss. Good on them, that was the right thing to do.
  6. yup. just managed to close position for sizeable loss.
  7. Both through the web platform and ProRealTime... I cannot close out an open position on US500... IG are you going to refund any money lost because of your techincal error?
  8. I have learned my lesson - don't use the web platform. I love the interface of it, but execution is dodgy at best and order levels are frequently ignored. Switch to ProRealTime. It's a zillion times better.
  9. Righto, having used this web platform every day for the past year it decides to go mad. Really important trading day... every 30 seconds or so, every bleedin' drawing I've made, adjustment to chart, timeframe etc all resets back to a default 5min and deletes all drawings WHAT IS GOING ON!!
  10. It only does it with that pair - there seems to be so many gremlins in this platform. Currencies disappearing etc with no answers why
  11. Now it doesn't work on NOK/JPY. Stop level simply disappears after getting green popup saying 'order amended'
  12. Hi - yes I have and it disappears as soon as I click away, which is what happens on the main screen.
  13. *DEMO TRADE* In a short position CADJPY and I cannot set a stop loss. Can set a limit fine. Anyone have a reason for this? Cheers Mike
  14. Hi, it's within trading hours (last time was 12:40 GMT today), I'm using the new web platform with a modern laptop and fibre internet connection.
  15. Hi, Frequently during trading hours I will see live prices disappear off most of the major FX pairs (the same ones every time) and I cannot deal as it says 'market closed'. Is this a volatility problem or a technical glitch? Thanks in advance...
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