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  1. Now it is stable. I had one pending order and was able to close it. In my case was mainly stress and the loss revenue of the previous position that I was unable to close in due time ... Wondering of the IG position on this. Happy tradings for the rest of the day!
  2. Seems to be working now ... Fingers crossed it is the end of the THU saga
  3. I have NO open positions so this message only means that somehow, orders were triggered ... I think that I can only wait and see (eventually pray a bit too)
  4. I hope the numbers showing in the account are not right ... not a good start dealing with IG :-(. Wondering what is the stress compensation factor? :-)))😴
  5. Interesting email received from IG .... few min ago
  6. Thank you kingjanna. I heard a lot of good things about IG so I expect they will fix if fast and keep everyone happy.
  7. I am for less than 1 month here ... not a nice picture. I will keep my optimism for now ...
  8. This will be great .. .if the price is not dropping too low and somehow the order will be filled. Fingers crossed.
  9. The chat is not working (or being very, very busy). I lost revenue being unable to change the stop and even close the EURGBP deal. Moreover, I can't close a pending order on the same pair. I need an URGENT cancel of the pending order as I do not trust the system these days and would not like to enter a deal I can't control on a timely manner. How can I do this before the Order change into Position? Thank you.
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