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  1. Managed to get the helpdesk on the phone. I was told that they closed the position for LVGO on 28 Oct and opened TDOC on 28 Oct price. They say they will transfer the special dividend over when their broker remit.
  2. Did IG try to solve the issue for you? I tried to engage them but not getting replies.
  3. Hi, is anyone holding on to Livongo Health shares? The company was supposed to merge with Teladoc Health. The share got suspended and is supposed to be swapped for Teladoc Health shares. I can trade out of Livongo now and IG basically just kept asking me to wait by throwing out a generic answer. I heard other brokers have already swapped the shares but IG seemed to be taking a backseat. Would appreciate if anyone can advise me on this. Thanks a million.
  4. if they don't honour the losses, i'm gonna switch to interactive broker
  5. they should give everyone $10k of credit for screwing this up