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  1. They did. 3 month after back and fourth with complience team. They didn't want to refund at first. They just wanted to give a 100£ refund on a 2k loss. I have then brought this further to compliance and 2k have been refund because my video prooved there was a bug with IG charts
  2. Usually IG does refund if the error is 100% theirs but often you need to provide yourself Screenshot and video... which is a little ridiculous. I'm now using a Desktop recoding tool every single time I trade with IG because last time there was an outage I couldn't close some long position I had which then endup being all negative. I had luckily took a video with my phone as a proof otherwise theyr would have not refund anything.
  3. Forget it they on purpose don't take call when platform is down.
  4. Hello, shortly after 3pm I have opened a SHORT position (-2) on US TECH (with a profit limit of 60pt) at ~9465. I saw the short opened on the chart and already started being in profit. After couple minute I refreshed the IG platform because the price didn't seem to move anymore and when I went back on the chart my SHORT position was gone?? I checked that I didn't put a small limit by mistake but there was nothing neither in my transaction history... Then after couple minute IG platform was not loading anymore. Hopefully when the platform goes back online I will see my SHORT position in my transaction history closed positive because US TECH has touched 9400 and my sell would have closed because of the limit. If IG screwd up and my short didn't open what can I do the have it manually opened ? Yhank you
  5. IG does this. When they **** up they don't answer the support calls. patetic
  6. Same here. Cannot close position. It's now -6k. It was +2k when trying to close it I have taken video and screenshot.
  7. hello, I have recently switch to iPhone and I'm having a very VERY annoying issue that is making me stop using the app. When I put the IG app in the background for couple minute and then come back to the it it takes around 20 seconds for the app to refresh (prices, positions charts etc..) This was not happening with the Android app, when coming back from the background everything was up to date in lass than a second. iPhone 11 max pro with latest IOS and IG app
  8. What the hell... I can't even close positions on the chart. This made me lose 100£
  9. Great, lost 12k Thank you. Filling law suit as we speak
  10. Oh My God! What the hell is happening!!!!!!! I'm losing thousands because I was not able to close my position for my swing!!!!!!! Is this Seriously happening RIGHT before US open?????? Is IG Going to refund my 15k loss ?
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