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  1. ok thanks I thought it looked to be sorted. I would of liked to see them changing the candles to be correct for back testing and previous resistance/support. The photo I took is from my real account and the one hr chart. I will just ignore the candles.
  2. Hi I have put some examples of my trade set up before and after I think I need to start to write on the levels. entry, stop T1 and T2 so it is more clear. I am also going top write a break out strategy for DJIAand DAX. Do you trade full time? do you trade DAX and DJIA? https://www.dropbox.com/sh/yoskqqbzaqwocv2/AADUF79K0ATIVgzcdvuySA5Ha?dl=0
  3. Hi thank you for the info I will have a look after work at the links. I am just going to record my before and after screen shots of my trades I need to start to write on the trade set ups my entry and exit prices but I have marked them on the chart using a point to point line. When I am more confident in my trading I will be using edge wonky to record and track my trading as this gives a lot of feedback about profit and loss of different strategies and how I can adjust stops and targets to be more profitable.
  4. Ok I will post some results this week. I only have a week and a bit due to just starting testing it. I did right all the strategy my self but I took the idea from a trade room I was in it is similar to there strategy. I am not in there trade room now and have been doing my own set ups I just need to look through them and put them in order. The trade room was good link to there week review below you tube they do not have sound for most of it but if you want to look at there other posts they are good. They have had a few 1000 point trades this year. https://youtu.be/gJV6gekQff0
  5. Hi I have made a strategy based on some training I have been doing myself for almost 2 years part time. I would like to know if anyone thinks it is ok and any changes I should make. It is based on confluence eg support level and daily Pivot point and fib level all in the same place. I have pictures of some trade setups I have taken before and after if required. Link to Dropbox. https://www.dropbox.com/sh/yoskqqbzaqwocv2/AADUF79K0ATIVgzcdvuySA5Ha?dl=0 Thanks
  6. Hi Caseynotes Thank you for your suggestion. I have been using a pivot point calculator to give the levels to then plot on my chart and it works but. 1) The Point to point lines that I have to use have to be placed one at a time and this takes a lot longer. 2) if I then mark them up with a number R1 then this number blocks half the chart on a higher time frame. I think typing the high low and close into a indicator for them to generate the lines with the level number and R1 S1 etc already on would be fantastic and it would also solve the other issues with Monday morning Pivot points th
  7. Hi I would like the Pivot point indicator to have the option to input my own open high low and close in to the settings please. Thank you Garry.
  8. Hi I would like to know if you have any plans to add the option to edit the RSI so we can change the oversold and overbought levels. Eg I can set 20/80. And also would be good of we could draw on the RSI when checking for divergences. Etc. Thank you
  9. I think they meant a fixed guaranteed stop for if the trailing stop is gapped over. Thanks
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