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  1. I am having the same problem and it's not user friendly for new starter when no useful message been display other than rejected...
  2. got same issue ask me to install flash 11.+ above and I got version 32 with all setting allow by default and still not working ....
  3. Hi, I am new user to IG. Just wondering the following is normal for everyone? After opening new share trade account and deposited fund into it, I have made my very first opening. Thing are looking good until i am try to place another opening, getting message of account restriction and preventing me for further opening. Please contact helpdesk~ Via IG online chat, it's asking me to provide my personal financial including saving, salary, etc and including my latest utility bill .... I wonder why this were not request in advance, instead after I made my first trade? Also I am not doing CFD, why this is require for share trading with my own fund?