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  1. Hi, We are facing issues since two weeks and it has happened three times in last two weeks. We had EURUSD, AUDUSD, USDJPY trades running. And as soon as a new buy stop/sell stop USDJPY trade triggers, few of our running trades got closed automatically. We are trying to contact IG support but no positive response so far. When we call, they just put on hold and don't connect with trading team. And when we email , they don't answer our concern. Could anyone in this forum help us understand what can be causing this issue. We have double checked every thing that these trades are not closed by us accidentally. And there is no log in the MT4 journal for these closed trades. I am attaching a screenshot where you can see that four USDJPY buy stop trades got triggered and at the same time, two of our trades (Order# 29601554 & 29526241) just closed immediately. You can see in the screenshot that force closed trades has not hit the SL/TP. This issue has happened 3 times in last two weeks. One thing I will mention that this is happened when USDJPY trade triggers but not all the time. Some time USDJPY triggers and no trade closed forcefully.