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  1. @Bopperz We closed at 1.3 mill profit and then shorted it.
  2. @jlz We trade multiple live client account via power of attorney. I have already stated that we use demo accounts to test strategies - Algo & AI
  3. What an incredible analysis! You must be extremely successful 👍
  4. Brent crude in the 3's A short term Long position could be in play. Although I would expect another drop into the sub 35's if lockdown restrictions increase globally.
  5. @jlz That's ok no harm done. We have run our demo accounts on here for around 6 yrs, im pretty sure ours started with 10k not 10 million as i think at one point you could only get a 10k demo account (Dont quote me on that) With reference to oil (Brent Crude) We are waiting to see if it drops back into the 3's.. We calculate the movements based on global usage statistics and reserves etc. I'll let you know when we are considering to trade it. 🙂👍
  6. @dmedin Look I apologize that we have got off on the wrong foot, I have no intention to cause arguments or be rude to anyone nor come across as arrogant. If anything I was actually hoping to help some of you? I am actually an autistic mathematician and have an in depth working knowledge of all the important processes and protocols used on the trading floors in Canary Wharf. I'm 45yrs old and now engage in private banking services for a select few. I have a wealth of information on the global markets and am happy to pass on any information that may be relevant to how you trade. Always here to answer questions. Best regards Steven
  7. @jlz Good going! Demo accounts are a perfect way to test trading strategies! We use them to test algorithms of which would then generally be linked to automated trade systems. We are also developing and testing A.I. and quantum systems. 👍
  8. It was merely a question.... But thank you for painting a picture of the kind of person you are. So I will thank you from the bottom of my heart for saving me time..... the kind of time that shouldn't be wasted on people like you.... Kiss Kiss
  9. Surely someone knows whether there is a Demo Account Record Holder??? Surely some of you use the demo accounts to test strategies? None of you back test algos on Quantopian and test the strategies on your demo accounts before using your own funds? Ok..... I'll go first! So my demo spread trade account and my CFD account combined are now worth 215 Million! Started 6 years ago with 10k... I admit i am an ex-institutional trader hailing from JP Morgan (Finsbury Dials) Specializing in commodities.... Does anyone have demo account figures that exceed my own? Best regards