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  1. This happened to you because you used a doubtful platform. I am a trader for a long time and I have never been scammed and I have never lost my money because of the trading platform issues. More than that, I was all the time helped by the platform's brokers, when I was only starting my trading career of course. So to say, you have to choose the right trading platform to be sure that you won't lose your money because of the technical issue. I think you have to take a closer look at Fondex ETFs Trade. You will find there the best trading platform with a lot of useful features and more than 1000
  2. Understood, after a couple of days of research, finally I understood, this means you have to choose a better platfro
  3. Does it mean we have too look for other trading platform?
  4. Hello, friends, I'm new here, and I would like to know more about CFD trading, could anyone explain me what does it mean?
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