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  1. Hi, New to futures. I want to take a bet on a december or march 2021 contract, but I cannot see any other than September 2020 which is expiring soon. Where are the further out futures?
  2. Can anyone tell me if its possible for the chart to show orders rolled into one to give an average price instead of seperate lines on the chart. Please see image below.
  3. haha! im sure the staff team will let us know tomorrow !
  4. Hmmm, strange mine is showing a differant line for each entry. There may be a setting or something
  5. Thanks for that, its useful but I would prefer one line that showed all entries with the average price. Is it possible for the plaform to show a horizontal line with the average price?
  6. Hi, If i buy multiple positions, is it possible for the order's to be combined and show an average price? Its time consuming for me to input my individual orders into excel to work out my average price. Thanks
  7. Fib550

    US OIL

    That answers my question, thanks!
  8. Fib550

    US OIL

    Thankyou, really insighful to your thinking and given me a lot to think about. When I was referring to the guaranteed stop, I was meaning on a short, so you take a short, pick up the overnight funding, if price jumps on the reopen your stopped at your guaranteed stop. As long as the loss on your short is lower than the overnight funding you picked up that should mean an overall positive return, unless im missing something
  9. Fib550

    US OIL

    Thankyou ! So if I planned to take advantage picking up overnight funding by holding a short with a guaranteed stop just before close I wouldnt be able to check the rate, and the best way of getting an idea of the rate is by looking at it on the demo?
  10. Fib550

    US OIL

    Would using a guaranteed stop instead of your futures hedge possibly acheive the same thing?
  11. Fib550

    US OIL

    Morning. Can anyone tell me where the overnight funding is listed for spot wti? I cant find it anywhere, its well hidden! Im using the web version of the ig site, not prorealtime.
  12. While your here CharlotteIG, do you happen to know if being short Bitcoin on IG has ever incurred an overnight charge, or has it always been 'paid' to be short ?
  13. Great, thanks for confirming - its clear the its only charged on the profit 🙂 I went on your live chat last week and was told an entierly differant thing hence my mis-understanding but all sorted. Happy trading.
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