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  1. Good day all I have a question on the MT4 margins between Demo and Live accounts. I have been doing trades on the IG MT4 Demo and found a big difference between the Demo and Live margins when I tried to move over to Live. NAS100 on Demo requires $610 for Volume = 1 . The same trade in Live requires $62,500. Is this normal? It doesn't make it easy to test trading methods...
  2. Good day All I am very new to MT4 and have just about no programming skills which I hope to change. I am looking for a very basic mql4 indicator that I can add that only shows the Close value as a line - just like a line chart. I want to overlay it on the candle stick chart. I cannot find something like it on the MT4 menu and it looks like I can only show one chart type at a time. Any pointers would be appreciated
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